Inpatient Rehabilitation

The Hills Private Hospital offers a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program for people who have a functional disability and who need the support of a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team (MRT) to help them become healthier and stronger following a recent illness or surgery. 

As a patient of The Hills Private Hospital Rehabilitation Program, you will be under the care of a Rehabilitation Specialist, Physician or Geriatrician who will write you a comprehensive rehabilitation plan of care. The plan will include the needs of the patient, the family and carers as well as all members of the MRT and state:

  • The multidisciplinary goals and outcomes of the planned rehabilitation
  • The predicted period of rehabilitation (length of stay in hospital)
  • The functional gain
  • The discharge destination

The benefits of an MRT for inpatients

When many different disciplines work together in one place toward a common goal, comprehensive patient care is delivered. The MRT co-ordinate the contribution of each profession daily. In turn, lines of communication are opened up which enhances decision-making for clinicians, encourages engagement in exercise participation, ensures efficient use of resources, and delivers continuity of care. Our MRT has a significant input to your treatment, and the team is pivotal for ongoing management. 

What help is offered for inpatient rehabilitation care? 

Under the guidance and care of our MRT, our patients can practise the skills they need to help them get stronger and allow them to manage at home. The members of our MRT are at the top of their field; they include:

  • Doctors - Rehabilitation Physicians, Geriatricians
  • Nurses - skilled and experienced in rehabilitation nursing care
  • Physiotherapists - skilled and experienced in rehabilitation for individual therapy and assessment
  • Occupational Therapists - skilled and experienced in rehabilitation for group activities and individual therapy and for community assessment of Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Speech Pathologists - skilled and experienced in rehabilitation for individual therapy
  • Dieticians - for individual assessment and patient education
  • Exercise Physiologists - skilled and experienced in rehabilitation for gait training and general exercise
  • Psychologists - for psychological assessment, counselling and treatment where appropriate
  • Discharge Planners - To facilitate community services upon discharge and to maximise functional outcomes at home
  • Diversional Therapists - for the emotional wellbeing of our patients and to facilitate participation when developing and managing recreational programmes
  • Clinical Pharmacists - for medication management

Doctors with admitting rights to The Hills Private Hospital

Dr Jeyanthi Arockiam - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Abdul Haidary - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Fariborz Jashnany - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Jasbeer Kaur - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Renuka Mendonca - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Joanna Murray - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Agapito (Roy) Nario - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Geoffrey Needham - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Stuart Tan - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Gerard Weber - Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr Dino Benito - Geriatrician (Aged Care Specialist)

Dr Fun-Kit (Gary) Cheuk - Consultant Physician / Geriatrician

Dr Amanda Man See Chiu - Consultant Physician / Geriatrician

Dr Tina Chow - Geriatrician (Aged Care Specialist)

Dr Natalie Fox - Geriatrician

Dr Chandanika Piumali Gunawardene - Geriatrician

Dr Jerome Ip - Neurologist and Geriatrician

Dr Kujan Nagaratnam - Geriatrician, Internal Medicine,

Dr John Obeid - Geriatrician

Dr Milan Simic - Geriatrician (Aged Care Specialist)

Dr Michael Tanious - Geriatrician


Admission to The Hills Private Hospital for Rehabilitation

The Hills Private Hospital offers specialised private rehabilitation services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of patients. We have 92 rehabilitation beds with a mix of private and shared rooms. At the time of admission, your bed will have been allocated based on clinical need and bed availability. We will endeavour to provide you with a private room for your stay if this is your wish, but this will not always be possible.


On the day, please present to the reception, where you will be greeted by one of our lovely team members and an admission assessment will be undertaken. They will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your stay. Relatives or friends are welcome to accompany patients during this process. If you are being transferred from another hospital, you will be taken straight to your room. If not, the admissions officer will ask you to compete admission and consent forms, process your health fund claims and advise if there are any outstanding payments. Once in your room, you will meet the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) and the nursing team and your doctor will visit you within 24 hours.

For patients in hospital, your hospital admission can be arranged through the acute services hospital where your surgery has taken place. If you would like to attend rehabilitation at The Hills Private Hospital, please ask your nursing team for a liaison officer from The Hills Private to come and visit you or contact us directly on (02) 9639 3333, so we can organise for our liaison offer to see you and assess your suitability into one of our programs.

To ensure the most appropriate form of rehabilitation at each stage of recovery, a Rehabilitation Physician or Geriatrician will assess our patients before admission to determine the treatment requirements and goals.

During the first few days of your stay, you will be assessed by our MDT, who will undertake functional and physical assessments to help our clinicians understand your needs. It is from these assessments that your rehabilitation doctor will formulate an Individualised Multi-disciplinary Rehabilitation Plan that reflects your needs and goals.

At all stages of care, we emphasise excellent care and good patient outcomes. Members of the Hills Private Hospital’s MDT may request to meet with you and your family from time to time, to discuss your progress and plans for the future. You and your family/carer must be involved in the planning of your program to ensure your rehabilitation goals are addressed and that you understand your personalised plan of care.

  • Admission documentation including relevant doctors’ letters, reports or consent forms
  • All medication currently being taken, in original packaging
  • All medication repeat prescriptions
  • A list of all current medications from your GP
  • All relevant x-rays or other medical images
  • General Practitioner’s (GP) contact details including name, address and contact number
  • CPAP (if used)
  • Comfortable clothing including nightwear, dressing gown, non-slip slippers, and comfortable clothes
  • Health care/DVA card (if you have one)
  • Health Fund Membership Card (if you have one)
  • Medicare card (if you have one)
  • Physical and mobility/walking aid (if used)
  • Notes/letters/reports from your Doctor
  • Pen and notepaper
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Pharmaceutical Safety Net Card
  • Reading material
  • Sleep/night attire/dressing gown
  • Slippers (non-slip)
  • Small amount of cash
  • Prescription glasses and case
  • Swimming costume
  • Toiletries
  • Veterans’ Affairs card (if appropriate)
  • A letter of Work Cover approval including workers Comp claims agent details and approval letter (if appropriate)

Please note: During your stay at The Hills Private Hospital, your property is your responsibility, and we do not recommend bringing any personal valuables.

The Hills Private Hospital has agreements with the majority of private health funds to cover hospital charges for your admission.

Depending on your level of cover, some policies require you to pay an excess or co-payment, and you will be asked to pay this before or on admission.

Health fund policies may require members to serve waiting periods before they will provide cover, and some levels of cover have excluded services.

Pre-existing ailment rules may also apply, and your cover may be subject to these rules. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact your health fund to confirm your cover before your admission.

Your account for the hospitalisation will include your accommodation and other chargeable items under The Hills Private Hospital current fee agreement with your health fund.

You will be asked to complete and sign a health insurance claim form on admission. We will submit your claim directly to your health fund on your behalf.

It is important that you know that if your health fund rejects your claim for reimbursement for any reason, the hospital will seek to recover any amounts outstanding from you.

This is why you must check your level of cover with your health fund before admission.

If you are a self-funded patient, you may be required to pay an estimate of the total amount of the hospital account before admission to confirm your booking or the estimate total cost on admission.

You will be required to pay any positive difference in your account on discharge.

If the amount paid by you is more than the amount required to cover the cost of your care, you will receive a refund from the hospital.

If your admission is as a result of a WorkCover/WorkSafe, third party or public liability claim, the hospital will require prior written approval for your admission from the relevant insurance company, which it arranges.

Your admission cannot be confirmed or proceed until this written approval is received.

Any claims that have not been approved by the insurance company will be treated as a self-funded admission, and the estimated hospital costs will be payable by you.

The hospital accepts cash, bank cheques, money orders, EFTPOS, Visa and MasterCard for any amounts payable. A credit card surcharge of 1% applies for VISA and MasterCard.

Personal cheques and American Express cards are not accepted. If choosing to pay by EFTPOS, please note that most financial institutions have a daily limit of $1000.

The Hills Private Hospital has a special relationship with the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), so a DVA representative regularly visits our veterans.

Referrals to The Hills Private Hospital 

A referral from a General Practitioner (GP), Medical Specialist, Physician, Surgeon or allied health professional (AHP) is required for admission as an inpatient for private hospital rehabilitation services. Patients may also refer themselves, or be referred by their family. To make a referral, please contact us by phone (02) 9639 3333  or email

How do I book a patient admission?

  1. To book an admission to The Hills Private Hospital, please contact the Patient Intake Officer on (02) 9639 3333
  2. Visit us online and register through our e-admissions portal

The Rehabilitation Program 

The Rehabilitation Program at The Hills Private Hospital is designed to utilise some or all of the activities below depending on your individual needs. Therapy sessions may include:

  • Exercise in the gym
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Tai Chi
  • Hydrotherapy pool
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Diversional Therapy (cognitive skills)
  • Speech Therapy
  • Dietician (review and meal planning)
  • Social Workers.
  • Education sessions conducted by different members of the MRT (eg falls prevention, injury prevention, pain management, hip and knee management and precautions)


  • Back care - for people with back pain and injuries
  • Cardiac - for heart-related conditions and after cardiology surgery
  • Falls Prevention - to reduce and prevent accidental falls suffered by older people
  • Rehabilitation - for people with new injuries to restore confidence and good health
  • Neurological - for nervous system injuries and conditions to minimise and compensate for any functional alteration
  • Orthopaedic – for people who have had orthopaedic procedures, trauma, injuries or fractures which result in disability to the Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Joint Replacement, Spinal post-surgical
  • Reconditioning - for people who have a decline in their physical function or level of independence
  • An independent living assessment unit
  • Purpose-built well-equipped gymnasiums
  • Large hydrotherapy pool

Our inpatient programs are suitable for patients who fall into the following categories:

  • Back Care - spinal surgery, lower back pain, flexibility
  • Heart Care - myocardial Infarction, stable or unstable angina, controlled heart failure, other vascular/heart disease and Phase 3 - fast track guided program
  • Better Balance - falls, balance and reconditioning program
  • Neurological - stroke, spinal, post-surgical, Parkinson’s Disease, Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Orthopaedic - knee/hip replacement, shoulder, fractures, spinal conditions and arthritis
  • Reconditioning - for people who have a decline in their physical function or level of independence
  • Pulmonary Program – chronic bronchitis, emphysema and chronic obstructive airways

The Hills Private Hospital does not charge a gap fee on your hospital accommodation services.

Our hospital-based treatment programs assist patients whose experiences have led to a decline in an individual's physical function and their ability to cope in their environment. If you have private health insurance at a level that includes rehabilitation services, your cover includes hospital accommodation, nursing, medical, therapeutic services provided at The Hills Private Hospital.

It is important to note that your health fund may request out-of-pocket expenses. Should you have an inquiry about your level of cover for rehabilitation services, please contact one of our friendly patient Intake Officers on 02 9639 3333 to inquire. We can run a funds check and let you know in advance if your private health insurer will charge you out-of-pocket expenses for your anticipated stay.

Our Admissions Officer will require you to sign forms necessary to claim from your health fund. If you are unable to sign, please make arrangements for a family member or carer to sign these for you. If you have any queries about your fund coverage, please speak to the admissions staff.

To make a referral, please contact the Patient Intake Officer on (02) 9639 3333.

Dress sensibly, be comfortable, wear sensible shoes or non-slip socks at all times – no high heels.

Unless there is a valid reason, we encourage patients to dress in day clothes when leaving their rooms in the day time.

Please bring a swimming costume with you as you may have hydrotherapy sessions as part of your treatment.

Having good habits, developing a good routine and structure are essential components of your well-being.

An accredited interpreter service can be arranged if deemed necessary. Charges may apply.

A chaplaincy service is available. Please ask the ward staff if you wish to contact a chaplain or arrange a visit.

Discharge is before 10 am on the day of discharge.

We ask that you make arrangements to be picked up accordingly. If you are unable to leave the hospital at this time, you may be asked to vacate your room and wait in a patient lounge.

Things NOT TO DO for the first 24 hours after leaving hospital:

  • Activities which require co-ordination and or a high level of alertness
  • Drive a motor vehicle. Motor vehicle insurance policies may be void in the event of an accident
  • Use any dangerous machinery and tools.
  • Your doctor will advise if the time frame varies on any of the above activities.

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Referring a patient

We accept referrals from local GPs, Physicians, Surgeons and Allied Health Professionals.

To refer your patient to The Hills Private Hospital, please contact us on (02) 9639 9999 and request to speak to the Admissions Coordinator or fax your referral to (02) 9639 5950.

Admitting a patient

Contact our Intake Officer on (02) 9639 9999.

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